Braces and Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is a common procedure that our Red Deer dentists are familiar with. People now, more than ever, understand the need for aligned teeth and jaws to ensure proper function and alter the aesthetics of your smile. This is true for assessing both the alignments of adults’ and children’s teeth. Our team of dentists in Red Deer at House Dental Centre is trained to assess each patient’s orthodontic needs and status, and can suggest treatments that may be beneficial or even necessary to your continued oral health

Children's Braces

Aligning Children’s Teeth:

We carefully monitor a child’s oral development in order to identify potential problems that may arise. These problems include, but are not limited to, issues that occur during tooth eruption, bite, spacing, or crowding, and even jaw development. Our team cares deeply about kids dentistry in Red Deer. That’s why we will discuss and monitor each patient’s unique case carefully and suggest interventions that may be needed to help provide early care and to identify developing concerns. We are more than happy to refer your child to the orthodontist of your choice to help us in providing appropriate care as your child develops.

Aligning Adult’s Teeth:

Adult Orthodontics

However, orthodontic treatments are not restricted to children, and many adults feel it is necessary for their own oral health. We highly encourage adults to consider orthodontic treatment and work with the natural aesthetics of their smile to alter its potential and function. These days, orthodontic treatment encompasses all age groups and can alter your teeth’s placement to promote a healthier smile and change your natural aesthetic. The House Dental Centre is happy to work with you to suggest orthodontics that will provide an ideal long-care term for your health. We strive to give you the results you desire.