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Our Emergency Dentist in Red Deer, ABDr. George ChaoDr. George House, and Dr. Carolyn Handy provide emergency dental care to assist you with toothaches and deal with a lost tooth, repair bleeding gums, cuts inside the mouth, infections, dental injuries and more. 


Call (587) 912-1193

Our dentists and staff strive to ensure that patients are able to get help as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please note, that in some instances, providing treatment for a toothache may not be possible if the area is infected. Medication is sometimes required to control infection prior to the actual dental treatment of an infected tooth.

Dental emergencies are few and far in-between, but they DO happen. Our Red Deer Dentists would like to highlight that the following injuries could, in fact, be classified as dental emergencies, depending on several factors:

•   Cracked or Broken Teeth / Tooth
•   A broken jaw bone / joint
•   Lost a permanent tooth due to an accidental blow.
•   Something is caught between your teeth
•   Sharp toothache pain

For dental traumas, applying a cold compress to the cheek, outside the afflicted area is typically advisable. If your tooth has come out, or has broken, please keep it in ice water or cold milk and bring it to us in the event that we are effectively able to repair the damage. If you are bleeding and have sterile gauze bandage available, roll the gauze into a “bite-size” ball and apply pressure to the area that is bleeding. Bite down on the gauze, if possible, for 20 minutes, or until bleeding stops. If bleeding doesn’t stop then please contact us right away or contact a hospital.

Should you require emergency dentistry after our business hours, we urge you to contact our emergency telephone number. If you are not able to contact our Red Deer dentists or staff for your dental emergency, please call 911 or visit a hospital based on the severity of your emergency.

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