Dental Crowns


A CEREC dental crown is a non-metallic dental restoration that is fabricated out of high-grade ceramic material, that our Red Deer dentists can place within 1 appointment. A CEREC Dental crown completely covers the surface of a singular damaged or weakened tooth. Crowns are recommended for improving the strength of weakened teeth that, for example, have undergone root canal therapy or have had heavy restorative work. Some patients even opt for crowns in order to alter the appearance of individual teeth. During your dental visit, your dentist in Red Deer will coat your damaged tooth with a very thin coating of reflective powder. Once the powder has been applied, a 3D imaging camera will take a specialized photo of your tooth, which, along with CEREC software, will create an accurate guideline for designing an appropriate, custom-fitting dental crown. CEREC will then form a piece of ceramic into your new dental crown, using diamond burs. Using a safe and powerful dental adhesive, your CEREC crown is more bonded to your tooth. As a CEREC dentist, we can create tooth restorations in a single visit. In less than an hour, you can change the aesthetics and strength of your tooth. This saves you the time and hassle of having to make a second visit so you can spend more time doing other activities. For metallic crowns (also known as gold or silver tooth/teeth) a soft, malleable material is used to create an exact impression of the tooth that is to be crowned, as well as adjacent teeth’s. While this customized crown is made, a temporary crown, made of plastic, is placed over the tooth until the permanent crown is fabricated in a lab. Minor modifications are then made by the dentist while fitting the metal/porcelain crown into place- to attempt to ensure that patients can retain a natural-feeling bite.