Dental Exam

Dental Exam

During a typical dental checkup at our dental office, our Red Deer dentists, hygienists, and staff at House Dental Centre will be inspecting all of the soft and hard tissues that compose your teeth, gums, and the different parts of your mouth. Our examination will allow the dentist to diagnose and treat your oral complications and allow us to provide input regarding any available opportunities to improve your oral health:

The dentist and/or hygienist will conduct the following screenings during your dental checkup:

1. A dentist or hygienist will take digital x-rays (radiographs): This is essential for the early detection of tooth decay, tumors, and cysts. X-rays are also useful in determining the positioning of emerging wisdom teeth, complications in the development of your teeth, their positioning and whether or not bone loss is apparent. For this reason, we need to use X-rays to monitor your oral health and to suggest improvements or areas we need to examine further.

2. Oral cancer screening: Face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, oral tissues, and gums are screened for signs of oral cancer.

3. Gum disease: Our dentists in Red Deer will look into the status of gums, bones, and teeth to screen for signs of the various stages of periodontal (gum) disease and other complications.Dental Checkup in Red Deer, Alberta

4. The dentist and hygienist will examine your mouth for tooth decay: The surface of teeth will be screened for decay by using dental instruments and x-rays.

5. Examination of existing restorations: Ensuring that existing restorations are still fully functional and do not require any replacements. Additionally, we will suggest maintenance techniques if needed.

Paying a visit to our clinic once every six months will enable you to speak to the dentist regarding any doubts or questions you may have related to your oral health.