Dental Bridges


If you are missing a tooth, or even missing multiple teeth in a row, you may want to visit House Dental Centre for dental bridges today.

A dental bridge is a type of dental restoration that is used to substitute one or more consecutive missing teeth by creating a “bridge” between the adjacent teeth or dental implants. This type of dental bridge is a customizable procedure that is often made of either metal or porcelain. The bridge is used by our Red Deer dentists to alter the aesthetics of your mouth that is created from a missing tooth/multiple missing teeth and create a functional substitute.

To place a dental bridge, our dentists in Red Deer must reshape the teeth on both sides of the gap to accommodate the addition. We then take an impression of the teeth to shape the bridge and ensure that it will be a proper fit. Our dental laboratory then fabricates your bridge by attaching custom dental crowns to both ends of the bridge, with our custom-fabricated artificial teeth affixed between the crowns. These artificial teeth are what fills the gap to create the appearance of a complete set of teeth. After this, the bridge is placed on top of the supporting teeth beside the gap. Ridges for support are also bonded to the teeth using dental cement.

However, a dental bridge has some requirements shared with your natural teeth. Mainly, they need to be cleaned properly to ensure their longevity. Just like you would not expect your natural teeth to stay healthy and strong without proper care, you cannot expect your dental bridges to stay strong if you ignore them. However, your dentist in Red Deer can work with you to provide the proper care to maintain your new oral appliance.